Thank the good Lord

Last week I thought I had about $300.00 of brake repairs to be done. My van was scheduled to be taken into the shop that day but when I went outside and loaded up my kids to take them to school and my son to work, the van wouldn’t start. It couldn’t be jumped either so I had to pay additional funds that I hadn’t planned on to get the van towed to the shop. Once the mechanic started looking at it and called me back with an estimate, it turned out to be over $1,000 in repair PLUS a new battery was needed.ย 

After having just paid my rent, I simply didn’t have that much money and the auto shop was not willing to make a payment arrangement with me.

I was in a panic at work because my vehicle is required for me to do my job. I thank the good Lord that our church stepped in and paid $700 of the $1,000 in repair. I feel so very fortunate. – Kimberleyย โค

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