Made me smile all day!

Positive Thoughts.
There are a few of ladies behind the counter I usually have a bit of a chat to at the post office. One young lady is particularly chatty and always says hello to my kids and tells them how much they’ve grown (which they like because they consider themselves small in relation to their friends).

This one particular day, she looked really burdened, so I chatted a little longer and asked her what she was doing on the weekend. She told me about a friend who was in hospital as a tree had fallen on his car during a recent storm. “His arm is a mess”, she told me “and there’s a good chance he’ll lose it.” It’s his wife’s birthday in a few days and he’s stressing about it because he can’t do anything, so I’m going in to see what he wants to get her and go purchase it for him.

I told her I had just the thing for this lady as she sounded like she could do with a little self care and asked when she needed it by. I promised I’d return before then, which I did. She was absolutely shocked and her mouth fell open when I walked in the following day and handed her a little bag with a personal gift and a card for the man to write on.

I didn’t hang around because she was serving customers, but saw her a week or so later and she rushed up to thank me and tell me how much the lady loved the little gift.

It wasn’t much effort on my part, but it made me happy for the rest of the day! 🙂 – Anon

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