There’s always someone worse off

An amazing lady named Sam who attended the Carers’ Pamper Day at Irabina (the childhood Autism Centre) on Sunday just sought me out.

I was sitting there waiting for my son Tyler to finish his Speech Therapy session. Sam found me and told me that she’d like to give me a voucher for a Lindt Chocolate Cafe Evening worth $220 that she won playing bingo at the Carers Pamper Day.

She said she had heard I was going through a tough time at the moment and she wanted to cheer me up by giving me the vouchers. I was so touched that she’d gone to so much effort to brighten my day and as I sat and listened to her story, suddenly my tough time didn’t really seem so tough.

I don’t know Sam and I may never see her again but I want to thank her for your generous spirit. You have made my year and you made me cry. – Fiona

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