Flowers in a field with the words Kindness makes the world a better place.

I had a very frustrating day yesterday. 4.5 hours on a live chat trying to fix my Outlook after updating it! Yep, I was feeling rather deflated by the time I had to pick my 17 y.o. up from school.

Noticing I was quite flat, my son jumped in the driver’s seat (he’s a learner driver) and proceeded to rap the whole way home, making up funny little rhymes to try to make me laugh. At the first sign of a smile, he played on it and rapped about how his mum was grumpy but now he sees a smile…

It was the most lovely thing and I was giggling by the time we reached home. He’d totally transformed my attitude and how I felt.

A small act of kindness that really had a huge impact on me. Watching him smile because he’d made me smile was absolutely heartwarming. – Anon

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