We all have a need at some stage of life.

A Person Is A Person.
My young boys and I were shopping recently and noticed a scruffy fellow pacing the isles counting coins in his hands and picking up items and putting them back. He was in total despair.

When we got back to our car in the carpark, he was parked next to us and sitting in his car staring and looking lost. He had his foam mattress, doona and personal items all through his car and looked like he may not have showered for a long time.

My 7 year old mentioned his state and was concerned like I was, so I asked the boys what would they like to donate out of our shopping to help this man as we are blessed enough to have enough money for food and petrol.

The boys made up 3 bags of their favourite stuff, weetbix, nutrigrain, bananas, apples and yogurts. They were a little frightened to hand it over as he seemed so “far away” and lost in prayer. I opened the passenger door and placed the goods in his front seat, he went to protest (I feel from pride/surprise) and then a smile came across his face of total gratitude and understanding.

I told him we “had plenty” and felt he could use some breaky and left. It was such an emotional moment and my boys talk about it often. I hope this small contribution helped this fellow to find his way.

We all need to help out just a little with those that are in need, as we all have a need of some kind, at some stage through life. – Paula 😀

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