Pay the flowers forward!

Mum sells flowers at her work. She works at a really nice fruit/veg/cheeses/ specialty type shop.  

Well this lady, out of the blue, no prompting, no nothing, gave Mum an extra $6 after paying for her groceries. She said to mum the next person to come in here, tell them to pick themselves a bunch of flowers (they’re all $6 a bunch)!  

Another lady came in and she was having a rough day. Mum told her that a lady had come in and left $6 and said, please tell the next person who comes in to pick a bunch of flowers for themselves and have a blessed day! Well – this lady was SOOO overwhelmed that someone would do that for her, she picked a bunch of flowers and then SHE left $6 and asked to do the same again please!!  

Mum said you don’t have to you know? She said she knows but that she WANTED to, she wanted to bless someone else just as she had been blessed! She wanted a part of this kind act!  

Well, the same thing happened 3 times can you believe it, and each person left $6 for the next person for flowers!!! It wasn’t always the direct next person but when they saw someone who could really need/use them!!!  

It ended up being in the paper and all this started from ONE person!! I bet you that person had no clue the power of their simple but profound act! Neat aye?? – Anon

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