Peace to all beings

Random Acts of Kindness is not just for people, animals, environment or even bugs… yes you read right… bugs. Below is a post that a friend sent me on Facebook where she saved a dragonfly.

Yesterday on my way home from work I stopped to get gas and while at the pump, I noticed a dragonfly on his back on the pavement fluttering his wings. I watched as he arched his body enough to flip himself over and then hoped to watch him fly away, but he didn’t. So when I finished at my car I walked over and put my finger in front of him. He climbed on and held on. So I got in the car and drove home. I put the AC on and closed the windows so that he wouldn’t get blown away (such sacrifice in 95-degree heat, I know).

He rode home on my finger for 1/2 hour, and yes, he pee’d on me. When I got home he seemed like he was losing his grip and possibly dying. I noticed a missing leg. I nudged him a little and he perked up and held on and then I got him onto a plant outside the house. He may not have survived, but at least he didn’t die on hot pavement. Hopefully, he is flying around with the other dragonflies in my yard eating lots of mosquitoes! Peace to all beings. – Cindy

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