How rich her life truly was.

Real Generosity Is Giving.
My parents were not wealthy and struggled to put food on the table for us 5 kids. One night, a homeless man knocked on our door and told my mom he just moved into the neighborhood and he had no food in the house, so would it be ok to ask for a sandwich?

My mom said “ok, give me a minute.” She then went to the kitchen and made as many sandwiches with what bread we had left. She put the sandwiches back in the bread bag and handed it to the man. I asked her where he lives and she looked at me and said, “he didn’t move in, he’s homeless and hungry.”

As poor as we were, she didn’t think twice and helped him out. She died just a few years later, and I think about how rich her life truly was. She was compassionate and kind. Over 600 people came to her funeral. – Susan 🙂

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