I still remember it like it was yesterday

Each New Day Brings Countless Opportunities To Create A Little Light

Something special happened to me and my husband 20 years ago, right before Christmas, but I still remember it like it was yesterday.

We were living in New York but had applied for a mortgage to buy a home back in Ohio. It was iffy whether we would get approved and the loan officer told us to absolutely NOT touch our savings or charge anything on our credit cards, so we didn’t buy a Christmas tree or any decorations.

We used the money in our wallets and change jar to purchase one gift for a child whose tag we took from the Angel Tree. We wouldn’t be able to afford to drive home and visit, but sent out cards explaining our situation, and our friends and family were understanding.

On Dec 23rd, Tim, one of our neighbor’s sons, stopped by to ask if we needed help putting up our lights and decorations. We told him what was going on. He said he and the family would keep us in their prayers. An hour later, he was back, carrying the biggest Christmas tree I have ever seen and a box of miscellaneous lights and decorations. He helped us put up the tree and decorate it, then invited us to come to his parents house for dinner on Christmas Day. They had bought gifts for each of us, slippers and mixed nuts and hot cocoa. Their kindness changed a difficult Christmas into one filled with smiles and laughter.

We got approved for our mortgage and still live in the same little house. And nowadays, we celebrate every Christmas season by doing what we can to make the holiday a little brighter for someone else who needs it. – Joan  😀 

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