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How To Use Free Kindness Coloring Pages To Empower Students
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How to Use Free Kindness Coloring Pages to Empower Students

You see 3 free kindness coloring pages for your students. I see an incredibly powerful resource with countless ways to embed values and build a positive classroom community! Ah, the humble coloring page. Many teachers see them as a quick and easy brain break for their students or a fun filler activity for early finishers. The truth…

Intentional Acts Of Kindness Have Better Results Than Random Gestures
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Intentional Acts of Kindness Have Better Results Than Random Gestures

Nurturing empathy is a big part of teaching about kindness. To do that, it’s more effective for students to take part in intentional acts of kindness rather than random good deeds. Being purposeful about kindness teaches students to think about and consider others more deeply.   When children are learning to embrace kindness as a way…

12 World Kindness Day Activities To Build Character Traits & Wellbeing
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12 World Kindness Day Activities to Build Character Traits & Wellbeing

Random Acts of Kindness Day and World Kindness Day activities can help save your sanity and unite your classroom. The world feels uncertain and turbulent right now. It seems people are on edge and feeling lost. It’s times like these where we look for the good to provide hope and that’s where kindness can make such…

3 Ways To Teach Kindness To Reduce Bullying Going Back To School
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3 Ways to Teach Kindness to Reduce Bullying Going Back to School

If you have a problem with anti-social or bullying behavior in your classroom, I urge you to consider making kindness a part of your back-to-school curriculum. When you teach kindness, or more specifically, social-emotional learning (SEL), you’ll improve wellbeing, self-esteem, mental health, social connection, and academic results. These are just a few of the benefits…

10 Week Kindness Challenge For Kids
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10 Week Kindness Challenge for Kids

It’s been and continues to be a confronting time with COVID-19 and the Black Lives Matter rallies. We’ve seen some appalling behavior but also some of the most beautiful acts of kindness as people come together to support one another. In light of this difficult time, it’s important that students are encouraged to participate in acts…

14 Fun Kindness Activities For Kids For Random Acts Of Kindness Day
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14 Fun Kindness Activities for Kids for Random Acts of Kindness Day

Do you need kindness activities for kids to nurture friendships and encourage an inclusive classroom community?Beyond feel-good emotions or to stop bullying, kindness is a highly valued character trait we all want to embed in our kids. When teachers nurture positive character traits, they’re equipping their students with an emotional skill set that’s essential for them…

Free Checklists For Random Acts Of Kindness & World Kindness Day
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Free Checklists for Random Acts of Kindness & World Kindness Day

Download your free checklist now!Whether you’re looking to build character traits at home or in the classroom, recognized kindness days are a wonderful time to start a kindness campaign.Kindness is a good old-fashioned value that does a lot more than improve character. Did you know that it can also; Continue Reading Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn…