Everyone can have a positive impact on someone else’s life and this teacher is showing kids just how important it can be. 

As someone with a loved one who’s been through chemo for breast cancer, I know how tough it is. That’s why I was so impressed by the impact this project is having on not just the patients but the students AND teacher too. If one teacher can make such a difference, imagine the impact if others were to follow suit.

Such a great character building project for kids to be involved in, especially if they can see how they’re touching the lives of people going through such a tough time.

I’d love to see a project like this in more schools. Please share this video to inspire a teacher you know to inspire their kids in touching hearts.


Video credit: Humankind by USAToday.com

Resources to make a kindness tree for schools.

One Response to Teacher Creates Project so Students Can Touch Hearts
  1. I love this idea. One I will be implementing!!! Spirituality, thinking beyond yourself, showing compassion and sympathy, raisig someones positive emotions…the list goes on.
    Thanks for sharing


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