Thanking our essential workers

Maria Ball2

We left some colouring pages my children had done taped on our bins, that said thank you on them to the bin men. They took them with them looking very pleased. The next week we got a thank you taped to our bins.

Maria Ball

We even received a note thanking us for the pictures.

Maria Ball Bin Man Thank You Note

My local bin collectors have posted pictures they have received on twitter with a big thank you.

Maria Thank You On Twitter From Garbage Collectors

We have also put up thank you’s on our door for postal workers, delivery drivers, home shopping delivery drivers and truck drivers. I think it’s really important for our kids to show gratitude to all our keyworkers not just the amazing healthcare staff. – Maria

This lovely gesture had a heartwarming Ripple effect. People were so taken by this act of kindness that they asked Maria to share images they could use to thank their essential workers.

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