My daughter's wedding was Saturday. I can't even begin to write all the stories of kindness, but on the day of, I had so many things to do it was impossible. I had to pick up the cake, macarons, candles, baskets, all in different towns. I left early, drove out, got there, and didn't have my wallet!!! I was not going to make it home and back to do everything. 


One of my high school friends called. She drove to 3 or 4 stores for me even though she lived far away. She got the things I needed, came to my house, cut tomatoes, onions, cilantro, etc., to help us prepare for the taco bar (since our caterer canceled on us the week of the wedding.)

She made puree's for the lemonade bar, helped pack everything up and keep me sane. She ran to another store to pick up some last-minute bridesmaids gifts. She then followed us to the venue and curled hair for us, set things up, etc., - all on her day off.

She has 4 boys but helped me make my baby feel like a princess. 
She wouldn't accept any money or anything! Absolute amazing friend! - Deanna

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