When Karen lost her job and her the place where she volunteered was shut down because of COVID, she needed something. She was feeling down because everything in her life had stopped so suddenly and much earlier than for many other people.

She was used to being active, working and volunteering for St. John Ambulance in schools and major events, so needed something to do. Karen says “I’ve always found when I’m feeling really down and depressed the thing that helps most is helping other people.”

After being stood down in early March, Karen decided to use her spare time creating a sign to inspire positivity and thank those who were continuing to care for the community.

“It’s just a nice reminder to be kind and show a bit of gratitude. Just because someone still has their job and is still working, it doesn’t mean things haven’t been harsh to them.”

“I do hope that it has reached people and we do see people out there taking selfies with it. I’d love to know how far it has spread.”

Many of Karen’s friends are paramedics and they say they feel good seeing it as they drive past. Her local chemist even keeps a photo of the sign up in the store.

For more feel-good stories and to see how others in the Yarra Ranges community have spread positivity during COVID-19, please visit the Council Website.

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