The kids saved the day!

My Lulu was born with a hemangioma in her nose. She was quickly put on steroids in hopes to shrink it and began having laser surgeries as young as 8 months old to prep her for her big surgery when she turned 1.

We received a letter from the insurance company that everything would be covered EXCEPT the medication to numb her before surgery. The medication was $160 and things were tight and the kids caught wind that we needed extra money and asked if they could sell cookies out on the corner of the road.

I thought it would keep them out of my hair while I came up with a plan. So I baked cookies and they went outside to sell them. Soon they were asking for more and more cookies (I figured they were eating them) then they asked if their friends could help. They kept running in and out of the house grabbing supplies so I got curious.

When I finally went outside, ALL the kids in the neighborhood (about 14 of them) were on the street corner. They were holding signs they had made, dancing, laughing, and helping to sell cookies.

Those kids raised $160 in 3 days of selling monster cookies on the street corner. They were so proud and excited to have helped out baby Lulu.

I was shocked, amazed, but most of all blessed and thankful. I’ll never forget what they did for Lulu or for my faith in the future generations. – Deanna

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