The tears were enough

For A Beautiful Mind.
I go to many self help meetings and frequent some more than others. Having recently graduated from college as a support counselor, I listen to many people for nothing, just to let them talk.

One afternoon after a meeting, I met an occasional friend. I had taken him for coffee once, and said ‘lets go for coffee’.

He had a very particular reason for not going to this place or that place or another place as it seemed that something was ‘wrong’ or ‘not right’ with each, so I suggested a place on another side of the city, but not too far away. As we went in, he still complained about javex being used to wash the floors, that the fumes would permeate the food, so I suggest the farthest back of the restaurant.

I said I would treat him for coffee, and as we talked, he mentioned that no one ever bought anything for him, he felt alienated from people, family and situations, so I said, “Ok, let me buy you breakfast”. There happened to be a low cost breakfast, as I am on a disability pension, and he did not have any money, so I said to order any breakfast for people over 55, as we both are in our late 50’s. He was amazed and astonished. He ordered and so did I.

As the plates came to our table, he started to really tear up. He said, no one ever cared enough to buy him anything, as it was always him buying for others. When I saw those tears, I felt that I made him happy and he was super grateful. A piece of his heart was changed. I was a new friend. He went away happy and contented. I didn’t need anything in return. The tears were enough to say, thanks. – Gayle 

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