Think outside the box and everyone wins!

A friend of mine has major back issues. His grass needs mowing rather badly – but he’s the type who would never allow me to take care of it for him (and he’s home pretty much all the time, so I couldn’t sneak over and mow it).

I’ve also befriended a homeless gentleman named Jay who is always looking for work. He doesn’t have a state issued ID, so he can’t get a regular job.

So, while my friend was bemoaning the fact that he had to mow his lawn, I mentioned how much Jay would probably love to make a few dollars and that he is a very hard worker (he’s done yard work for another friend of mine in the past)

I mentioned it would be such a major kindness to Jay if he would ask him to do it and give him a few dollars for his efforts.

Now they are both happy with the outcome! Jay gets to make some much needed cash and Paul doesn’t have to mow his lawn. 🙂

Sometimes a Random Act of Kindness just take a little thinking outside the box and putting two people together that can bless each other. – Dawn Marie  😛

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