An Unforgettable Hug

I was in a store and saw a woman crying. As I walked passed her I thought to myself, boy I bet she could use a hug. In that very moment I turned back to the woman and offered her a hug. She was shocked and surprised but thankfully took my hug. I held her in my arms as if she were my own mother rubbed her back and told her what ever it was it will pass. I must of held her and soothed her for 5 minutes or so until her daughter came up and whisked her away.

She left me in a hurry but then turned around to yell back to me “thank you, that did help” and with that they were gone. I left that store with such joy in my heart knowing I helped someone in their time of need. There are still people in this world who care for others!! I am thankful for that moment and I will never forget our hug, I don’t think she will either!! – Lisa

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