Witnessing these miracles is evidence enough!

I myself am in a 12 step recovery program, and by the grace of God and the fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous, today I can say I am sober one more day.

I live in a very small community, and do not give it a second thought to help out.

On my way to the post office a few weeks ago there was a man struggling with two huge garbage bags of empty pop and beer cans to return to the depot. I have seen him many times and heard stories through different sources in town. I stop my truck and offer him a ride when I can. He has a very distinct odor of urine and torn filthy clothes. But none the less I let him sit right up front with me and the dogs. I even help him throw the bags of bottles in the back of the truck, then drive him to the bottle depot. It’s not my business what he will do with the money.

Many times I have walked up to him as he is counting his cans and I put ten maybe twenty dollars in his pocket. I have only ever asked that he get a cup of coffee or some breakfast. You should see this man, he puts his hand in his pocket and pulls out what I have given him. He cries so hard most times he can’t speak, but his smile makes me smile and that’s enough. He only has one tooth and when he cries the tears flow down his cheeks and he takes his dirty hands and wipes his tears and asks me if he can hug me. I have always let him. He has whispered so many times, thank you thank you.

Last night at my meeting the chair person asked if there were any new comers who wanted to identify themselves. We all turned to welcome them and give them support. I just about fell out of my chair. It was him! He was sitting in the back row and stood up and said he was a alcoholic and had lived on the streets and in the parks for 17 years. He has 24 hours of sobriety and he says that is the longest he has ever had in his life. Just witnessing these miracles is evidence enough that love and kindness really does change a person. He was clean shaven had clean clothes and even combed his hair!!!! What a wonderful man. God bless him. Today I am grateful he is my friend. – Shirley 🙂

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