The best teacher!

Rebecca Fowler was my 2nd grade teacher. She was a kind lady who seemed very old to my 7-year-old self. She taught me kindness in every action that she took. She is the first adult I remember reading aloud to me, giving me a love of reading that exists to today. She also taught me that rules were just rules and sometimes, were to be broken.

A little boy in my class fell asleep with his head on the desk one afternoon. Someone, it may have been busybody me, called this to Miss Fowler’s attention. She replied, “I am sure he just needs the rest. Let’s be quiet so he can get the rest he needs.” I am quite old myself nowΒ and have taught for over 35 years but I find myself returning to that simple lesson of thinking about what the child needs, and giving it, if within your power. I have had many great teachers, but Miss Fowler was the best. – Martha πŸ™‚

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