$1 store kindness

Its Amazing What An Impact Even The Smallest Act Of Kindness Can Have

So, I was in the $1 store buying some items to donate to the Puerto Rico relief drive that was accepting donations at the market I work at.

There was a dad and his daughter (she was maybe 5 or 6) in the long line to the checkout. I guess he was having his visitation time with her and they were talking about what they were going to do during the weekend. It started with grocery shopping and all the food she wanted, then the park and then it got silly. He said she had to wash ALL the dishes and cook ALL the food and she’s giggling and told him she’d make him cereal. He said she had to fold ALL the clothes. Even his underwear. She cracked up laughing and everyone in line was laughing too.

I was next and he had two items ( package of toilet paper and a bottle of rootbeer) and was holding two dollars in his hand. I told the cashier to please ring up their two items on my tab and let them go on. It’s amazing how paying just $2 for someone made their day. He asked why would I do that and I said why not? You’ve been entertaining us while we all waited in line being silly with your daughter and that was nice for me. And for others. He thanked me gave me his name and shook my hand. The cashier started singing something about blessings and said that was truly nice of me.

I haven’t really been in much of a mood to do any RAK things because my depression just had me in a bad place. But I’ve been smiling about it all day. Not that I looked at that at the time, but since racial things are pretty bad here right now it let a little child of color see a person of a different color do something nice for her daddy.

It just felt so good doing something personal. The relief items were nice too I guess but that’s a situation I feel everyone should help with in some way. – Kim

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