I adore her for being so kind

True Generosity.
In my school in Dubai, we children are not allowed to carry money to buy food from canteen, instead we have our canteen card in which our parents can fill money online and we need to use this card if we need to buy from canteen.

One day at dinner table, I heard my sister asking my dad β€œwhat is the balance in my canteen card?” On hearing this dad was surprised as my sister had never used her canteen card (it is her 4th month in school and she has never used her card even once. My sister prefers to take lunch from home and never visits the canteen).

He said the balance is full and she can use it without any hesitation. My sister replied that today her friend forgot to bring lunch from home and was very hungry. My sister took her to the canteen and used her canteen card to buy her friend a packet of biscuit and milkshake. She asked my dad was it okay to buy food for her friend in case she forgets her lunch. My dad was moved to tears and very proud of my sister. He told her to help her friends and not to worry about the balance in the card.

The very next day my dad received a thank you call from the parents of the girl whom my sister helped.

It was a very simple act of kindness shown by my sister and I adore her for being so kind. – Refa πŸ˜€

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