Alone at church

For Beautiful Eyes Look For The Good In Others

I have to share about a kindness that was extended to me this morning. This morning I went to church by myself because my boys both work, my daughter had a church Halloween trip last night that got back LATE, and my husband has had a 3-day headache. No worries. I don’t mind going alone. Sometimes it’s preferred as it allows me to really focus and pray and y’all, my heart needed some focus after this past week.

There is a man with Down’s Syndrome who is a greeter EVERY week. Helps with the collection EVERY week. Doug. Doug is always smiling and always ready with a hug or a handshake. Doug always gets a hug from me.

I went in today and intentionally sat in the middle of a few sets of young parents. Ready with “you got this” and “you’re doing a great job” because let’s face it, young kids don’t sit still, and aren’t quiet all the time, especially in church.

Except that today, Doug came and sat next to me. Not to talk. Not to make a new friend. Just to sit next to me so that I wasn’t alone.

Sometimes the best kindness we can extend is simply allowing others to bless us with their kindness. – Jessica #kindnessbucketbrigade

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