The most amazing thing just happened!

Adult Kindness CardThank you for creating your Ripple Kindness Cards, I have seen for myself the ripple effect of positivity that they create.ย 

The most amazing thing just happened to me! Went shopping for some food and groceries for the next few days, used my card to pay and DECLINED. Asked the guy to hold on for a sec while I jumped onto internet banking to see someone had taken a few hundred dollars out of my account today without my knowledge, bummer! Not knowing what to do, a guy walkedย up and paid for the $100 worth of groceries, and handed me this ‘Ripple Kindness Pay It Forward’ card!

Totally shocked, I tried to refuse the help and offered to try and pay him back, but he just said ‘no worries, just pass it on, someone will need your help one day, enjoy your meal’. Totally shocked at his kindness, I shook his hand and he just walked off. Faith in humanity restored! – Ben ๐Ÿ™‚

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