Meme: Kindness is a bridge between all people and so if you're ever down and you want to lift yourself up, go do something kind for somebody.

I went to the grocery store today and an older lady was walking with what may have been her elderly mother who was shuffling along. I scooted in real quick and got a shopping cart for her to lean on. The younger lady asked if that cart wasn’t for me. I assured her it was for HER. I went back to get a cart for myself and three people stopped and told me what a nice thing that was to do. I wanted to say “you could have done the same thing” but I didn’t. I just said that it always reminds me of my mom and I’d have wanted someone to do that for her. read more →

Two people with their backs turned holding lights with text - offer whatever light you can.

I became very, very sick 12 days after my son was born. I was in ICU for 2 weeks and in high dependency for the next 3. My friend knew how important it was to me that I breastfed him and that he received breastmilk. read more →

Sunflowers with a circle with text. Happiness is the new rich. Kindness is the new cool. Health is the new wealth. Kindness is the new cool.

It was my first day at the Christian high school that my brother and cousin had attended for a year and I was excited but very, very anxious. All of my public school years had been tolerable but I had never really felt at ease or made close friends. read more →

Meme with two stones holding hands that says Do not forget that it is not wealth, possessions or status that create happiness. It is the friendship, love and kindness we give that bind us to other human beings. Connection is a vital ingredient for happiness in anyone's language.

Thirteen years ago, I was getting ready to celebrate my 21st birthday. I was excited as were my nursing home buddies at the local homes I volunteered at. read more →

Small piece of paper with a red heart drawn on it pegged to a piece of twine. Quote next to it saying Everyone has something they can give because kindness is free!

Many, many years ago, I had my appendix taken out and recuperated in a mixed public ward in a Melbourne hospital.

One old chap there (well, he was old to me at the time but he was probably only in his 40’s or 50’s) was really down. I asked why and he said his wife was coming to see him. It was a big event, he’d been in hospital for months without visitors because he was from the country. He was down because he thought he looked shabby and wanted to spruce himself up to see his wife. He confided his biggest hate was not having a haircut, so I told him I’d have a go at tidying him up but warned him I wasn’t a hairdresser. read more →

It only took 2 minutes.

Today as I was driving along a main road I saw a broken down 4 wheel drive sitting in the right lane. Everyone just drove around it – annoyed that they were inconvenienced. I pulled my car over onto the median strip and jumped out, just as the guy in the car in front of me jumped out too. It was a car full of flustered P-platers who didn’t know what to do! So between us all, we pushed the car off the road and onto the median strip and safety. read more →

Two boys in suspenders and hats with wording "The world needs more positive vibes so do more of the things that make people happy!"

I just wanted to drop you a line about giving for the sake of giving and what a selfish thing it is to do. Selfish you say? How can it be selfish to give for the sake of giving? with no thanks; with no acknowledgement; without anything in return? Let me explain…

A few years ago my friend’s son was deployed to Afghanistan to fight. As a mother of smaller children I could not have even begun to understand what that would have felt like, or how hard it was for her, or for any military family. What an amazing thing it is to live in a safe place because someone watches over me and my family as I sleep. I listened to her turmoil and her worry and I felt helpless. So, I decided to go into stealth mode… read more →

$5 notes folded with a note attached saying Enjoy in memory of a mom who loved Christmas. The story is found on Ripple Kindness Project

Growing up with not much money and three kids, my mom always found a way to make Christmas special. And she always gave to others who had less. It was never talked about she just did it and I watched.

When she died in 2007 my enjoyment of Christmas left with her. I have always continued to give to others and the first year she wasn’t here I decided to take a few dollars and drop them in shopping carts in the toy section during the Christmas season. I now write a little note and put it with the money. Sometimes I leave them on shelves for children to find or just drop in a cart when people aren’t watching. read more →

Picture of Jane Goodall with quote You cannot get through a single day without having an impact on the world around you. What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.

When I had young children, the older ladies next door and I swapped help. I would take Teresa grocery shopping and often put her groceries on the porch for her, and at times Helen would come over for 15 minutes so that I could walk up to the corner store without having to snowsuit everybody. We helped each other in other ways sometimes too. read more →

True story.

I have a little store and all sorts wander in the doors. I had a kid come in who said that he and his Grandma were homeless and living in their car. Now there is a local program called helping hands that sometimes can cough up some $ in these situations. So I was looking for the phone number of the local minister that could help them. I got really frustrated by the unhelpful phone book and slammed it down on the counter and…(wait for it)…The door opened and the Minister walked in. Serendipity or God at work, either way, just WOW! – Kathleen

In a talk he did for a charity fundraiser event whose goal was to "Create Positive Lives" scientist David Hamilton, PhD shares information about the science behind the feel-good emotions that are felt when giving an act of kindness. 

An honours degree in biological and medicinal chemistry, and a PhD in organic chemistry David worked as a scientist in the pharmaceutical industry developing drugs for cardiovascular disease and cancer for several years. Inspired by the placebo effect and his research into the mind–body connection he left the industry to educate people in how they can harness their mind and emotions to improve their health.

David is an advocate for kindness and is working passionately to help inspire a kinder world. He also co-founded an international relief charity.

A few years ago my husband was made redundant. It was a massive shock as he had always dedicated himself to the firm, we often joked that the firm came first and the 4 (at that time) children and I came a close second! It was a massive blow to my husband and although he understood the firm’s financial position, he was a little hurt. We are a couple who have always earned and paid our way, in fact, we pride ourselves in it. We are the couple who pays our bills first and tries to have a little fun with what is left afterward. Luckily we had redundancy and mortgage insurance for three months. I managed to make this last for six months. read more →