The first lawn manicure of the season is always the toughest, but this young neighbor made ours a whole lot easier with three little words: “Need some help?” read more →

My aunt won a giveaway at a resort – so she invited us and we spent the weekend there. It was wonderful! However, it wouldn’t have been as amazing as it was if it hadn’t been for the hard-working Housekeepers.

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My friend, Kendall Joyner and I have a fun community service project. No one told us to do it. No one told us to be kind to older people. We just do it. It is fun. It brings joy to older people.

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Boy cleaning up the streets of Malmesbury, Wiltshire

I live in Malmesbury in Wiltshire. A kindness story I would like to share is about my 14-year-old neighbour Ben. He is the most caring individual out there. He cleans up the streets of Malmesbury and helps the elderly generation with lawn cutting and technology support. With his cleaning in our town he is out every weekend and after school in the week cleaning up the streets and alleyways, brushing and weeding them. He has also cleaned a bench covered in bird poo in our community where people couldn’t sit. That is now all cleans because of him. - Judy Taylor

Quote - Your life will be infinitely better if what you do comes from a place of kindness.

My son Stephen once climbed through a small bathroom window to open the front door for an elderly lady who had accidentally locked herself out of her home. She was a complete stranger and he was just walking past her home and he saw she was distraught. - Bill 

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That's what KINDNESS is.  Giving to another human being who has a greater  need than me. Quote

When my daughter was in high school, she found out that a classmate was pregnant. One day she noticed that the young lady did not have any food or money at lunch time. My daughter sacrificed and gave her classmate her own lunch that day. She told me about the girl when she got home from school and I gave her money for two lunches for a couple of months. When my daughter got a job, she paid for her and her classmates lunch by herself. I was a very proud mother! - Minionette

Yesterday afternoon The I Have a Name Project and Let's Be Better Humans campaign had planned on delivering cold water to our homeless neighbors. As temperatures in Phoenix climbed above 110 degrees we began loading the bus.

Then, a man whom we were familiar with, approached looking a bit disoriented, very disheveled, thin and gingerly walking across asphalt that can be up to 40 or 50 degrees warmer than the outside temperature– wearing only a pair of worn through socks.

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Teacher: You had so much to offer yesterday. You okay?

Aiden: I'm tired.

Teacher: So what's going on?

Dr. Linda Darling-Hammond: Strong relationships are central to the learning process. 

What the science of learning and development tells us is that we need to create learning environments, which allow for strong, long-term relationships for children to become attached to school and to the adults and other children in it.

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My daughter's wedding was Saturday. I can't even begin to write all the stories of kindness, but on the day of, I had so many things to do it was impossible. I had to pick up the cake, macarons, candles, baskets, all in different towns. I left early, drove out, got there, and didn't have my wallet!!! I was not going to make it home and back to do everything. 

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Treat everyone as if they're your best friend. Speak kindly, encourage and help where you can. With an attitude of LOVE you can touch the heart of every stranger. - quote

I was so excited that my childhood friend from Sweden was in Sydney with her family and making the effort to fly to Melbourne to see me.

On the morning of her arrival, I set off to drop my son at school before going to the airport. He was driving and as we sat at the lights, the driver next to us honked and pointed at the ground at the front of our car. We wound down the window and he informed us that the tyre was flat. We thanked him for letting us know. As we drove to the closest service station to investigate, my son said he thought the steering felt a bit strange.

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One year at Christmas my husband and I dropped one of our cars off for service and headed out to shop. Earlier in the week I had contacted the local elementary school to see if there was a child in need. I was told about a little boy who didn’t even have socks to wear with his shoes in the winter. We shopped for our children and spent a little over $150 on the little boy. read more →

If you are looking for classroom incentives for positive behavior and effort I highly encourage you to create a Punch It! Board. It’s super easy to make and something the students in my class never tire of! 

This is an incentive system that can be adapted to any classroom and great for use at home use as well.

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