I remember when I went to Christian Youth Training Camp out in Hickory Corners, MI to be a counselor. I didn’t know anybody there and everyone else did, all classmates from other Christian colleges. read more →


Today I heard a beautiful story about students showing pure kindness towards a peer with disabilities and I believe that sharing it will bring as much joy to you as it did to me.

There was a student at a high school level who was not only having a rough home life but also had autism. Despite his hardships, he came to school every day with a huge smile on his face and did his best to try to impress his teachers.

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Quote - This river of kindness flows through each and every one of us, connecting us. Because kindness is more than just medicine. The act of giving and receiving is where the real magic of human connection occurs.

The kindness which always stays with me was in 1987 when we first arrived in Australia. Our container hadn’t arrived (I have no idea what delayed it) so we had nothing for our rented home in Willetton. read more →

Quote poster - The greatest gift you can give someone is your time. Because when you give your time you're giving a portion of your time you'll never get back.

I encountered an elderly lady who, at first seemed grumpy, grouchy and was very short but I’m a talker…and a listener lol. I simply sparked a conversation which, in turn, lasted over an hour! read more →

Quote - Kindness will always make you feel good so be a little kinder than necessary.

A couple days ago, after it had been snowing all day, a neighbor came in the store I work at a couple of hours before I was done with my shift and asked me if I was going to attempt to make our hill when I left work (I live on a road that has a HUGE hill right at the beginning of the road and unless it’s constantly taken care of you can’t get up it). I had told him yes and I was praying the town would have plowed by the time I got out. read more →

Quote poster - Sometimes an act of kindness involves no words just a gesture that shows one cares. Ripple Kindness Project

A few years ago, a few days before Thanksgiving, I waited in a long line of customers inside a bakery. A woman standing off to the side was crying quietly. I went over to her and offered her a tissue. She reached for me, and we held one another while she cried. read more →

Picture quote - one act of kindness can ripple out to touch many hearts if you just remember to pay it forward. from Ripple Kindness Project

Just wanting to thank the absolute angel of a lady who was behind me in Woolworths just before, you have restored my faith in human beings! read more →

Black and white background image of a guy giving a flower to a girl with a text overlay that says kindness is anything that makes others feel good.

My son asked me to take his package to the Post Office. Since it had his passport inside of it, the clerk strongly suggested sending it in a Priority envelope, which required me to copy the address on it. That was fine, except I hadn’t taken in my reading glasses and Brian’s print was a bit small. I asked my grandson to read it for me, but he said he couldn’t read his uncle’s handwriting. 😜 read more →

Meme: Kindness is a bridge between all people and so if you're ever down and you want to lift yourself up, go do something kind for somebody.

I went to the grocery store today and an older lady was walking with what may have been her elderly mother who was shuffling along. I scooted in real quick and got a shopping cart for her to lean on. The younger lady asked if that cart wasn’t for me. I assured her it was for HER. I went back to get a cart for myself and three people stopped and told me what a nice thing that was to do. I wanted to say “you could have done the same thing” but I didn’t. I just said that it always reminds me of my mom and I’d have wanted someone to do that for her. read more →

Two people with their backs turned holding lights with text - offer whatever light you can.

I became very, very sick 12 days after my son was born. I was in ICU for 2 weeks and in high dependency for the next 3. My friend knew how important it was to me that I breastfed him and that he received breastmilk. read more →

Sunflowers with a circle with text. Happiness is the new rich. Kindness is the new cool. Health is the new wealth. Kindness is the new cool.

It was my first day at the Christian high school that my brother and cousin had attended for a year and I was excited but very, very anxious. All of my public school years had been tolerable but I had never really felt at ease or made close friends. read more →

Meme with two stones holding hands that says Do not forget that it is not wealth, possessions or status that create happiness. It is the friendship, love and kindness we give that bind us to other human beings. Connection is a vital ingredient for happiness in anyone's language.

Thirteen years ago, I was getting ready to celebrate my 21st birthday. I was excited as were my nursing home buddies at the local homes I volunteered at. read more →