Deciding where my money goes

Quote - When We Put A Smile On Someone'S Face, We Put One In Our Own Heart And These Positive Feelings Are What Helps Change The Way We Think, Feel And Behave.

When I read how the CEOs at the top of most charities are taking such ridiculously high salaries for themselves (some of them well over a quarter million), I was so disgusted I decided I wasn’t donating to the big companies anymore. Every time I see a collector for a charity I once believed in, a couple of pounds go into my own charity stash. Now, when I see someone in need, I buy whatever it takes to ease their way.

I work as a carer and little things like a squeeze ball to build strength back up or fight numbness makes a big difference to people who are in pain or simply frustrated that they can’t do simple things anymore. They don’t cost a lot online. Or a simple cleaning tool for glasses for a ninety-year-old lady with arthritic fingers and an independent spirit. Fish and chips occasionally for a lady with diabetes and no appetite really perks her up. Those on an electric meter who may have to choose between heat or food, it doesn’t take a lot make sure they’ve got both. Even simply going shopping and seeing how many homeless are freezing on the streets at this time of year. A hot pastry hardly costs a pound and makes a difference.

I did hesitate writing all this down at first, but I know there are other people out there on low incomes like myself that wish they could help people and no longer trust the big names in charity. If this helps to give ideas and more people can make that small difference for those in need then I’m glad I did and won’t feel I’ve just been blowing my trumpet!!! – Michelle

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