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Fun DIY Appreciation Gifts to Make with Kids to Thank Someone or Offer Support

Pictures Of Different Kinds Of Gifts Kids Can Make To Show Appreciation.

There are so many wonderful people in our communities who go out of their way and even risk their lives for us every single day. Often these people go about their jobs without ever really being thanked for the extraordinary things they do.

Here are some fun ways to show community workers how much they really are appreciated or to show your support for someone who may need a little encouragement.

For Law Enforcement or Fire Fighters

Orange County Sherrifs Dept1


Orange County Sherrifs Dept
Orange County Law Enforcement Survival Kit

"Thank you to the Secret Santa in San Juan Capistrano that left a 'survival kit for law enforcement officers' on the hood of an OCSD deputy’s car this weekend. You brought a much-needed smile to our faces! We are honored to serve the OC community and appreciate your support." – Orange County Sherrif’s Department, CA

Firefighter Kit Kitchenfunwithmy3Sonskit
Firefighter Kit Kitchenfunwithmy3Sonskit2
Firefighter Kit Kitchenfunwithmy3Sonskit3

This is another cute example that your kids can be involved in making. You can visit Kitchen Fun with my 3 Sons to download the printable.

Social And Emotional Learning Resources From Ripple Kindness Project
Lifesavers Police Whole Truth Project

The Whole Truth Project is dedicated to the fair treatment of police officers and often puts together bags of goodies to thank them for their service. These Lifesavers packs went to officers at Carrolton, Texas PD with a little note to express their appreciation.

Police Officer Note

A caring note of thanks left on a Denver police lieutenant’s car triggered an outpouring of emotion among officers at the San Jose Police Department. A simple act of kindness anyone can do.

Breakfast On Me

Overhearing some firefighters talk about their struggles with a fire during breakfast, a waitress decided to thank them by footing the bill. Little did she know her generosity would make headlines and the firefighters would help her raise the funds she needed for her father's wheelchair. We hope you're inspired by this touching story

The Days That Suck

Neile Briden kicked off National Police Week with lollipops for “the days that suck!” Such a simple but effective idea!

Dont Know How To Thank You
Extra Special Dispatchers

Amy Buss made these cute gifts for her police and fire dispatcher coworkers for National Telecommunicator’s week.

For Teachers

Donut Know What Wed Do
Smart Cookie

These gorgeous ideas for all those special teachers are from Miss Candiquik who even provides the printables to help you share the love.

Teacher Chill Pills

This teacher appreciation gift really caught my eye! Such a cute idea from Angie at The Country Chic Cottage. She even provides instructions and a free printable label. 

Teacher Emergency Stash

Which teacher wouldn't appreciate this fun (or perhaps lifesaving) gift idea from Eighteen25!! They've made it super easy for you and your kids to make one by providing a free printable note. 

For the Troops

Operation Sos

Led by their amazing school counsellor, Barbara Gruener who “sprinkles kindness like confetti”, the students at Westwood-Bales wrote letters to go into care packs they assembled for the troops during their Supplies for Our Soldiers (SOS) campaign.

For Doctors and Nurses

Cookies For Nurses

A thank-you platter for the labor and delivery nurses at the children’s hospital made by Coastal Cookie Shoppe.

Chocolates For Nurses

Samantha Peffer was so grateful to the labor and delivery nurses who helped make her stay in hospital so much more pleasant.

For Anyone who Deserves Recognition or Needs Support

Open When

These “open when” letters from Holly at I Solemnly Swear I’m Up To No Good are the most adorable idea. She gives full instructions on how to make them. These are a beautiful gift for your kids, husband, parents, friends, teachers or even someone deployed.

Jars Of Love
Notes For Jars

Decorate a glass jar and write notes of appreciation, encouragement and even some inspirational quotes. These can be used as gifts for teachers or service providers.

Nuts About You Nurses Gift

These were originally made by Ellie Roberts from Craft Sew Create to recognize teachers, but they could be just as good for any of our wonderful people who offer important services.

52 Things I Love About You

This adorable idea by Nicole at Visual Heart is a gift I’m sure would be treasured. All the instructions are there for you to make your own.

We’d love to hear how you thank those who help in your community. Please email photos here.

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  1. Great job! The ideas are awesome. I appreciate our service workers. You fully can’t understand until you are one or have family who become one . Many thanks for the gift ideas. God bless!

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