It doesn’t take much

Reward Someone.
It had been raining cats and dogs all night and was still drizzling when I drove my son to his friends house. We traveled along a narrow road we took most days and as we approached the steep hill that sometimes slowed school buses so much they started going backwards, we noticed something unusual. At first we weren’t sure what it was through the rain, but as we got closer we saw that it was a lady lugging a suitcase in one hand whilst holding an umbrella over her head with the other. She struggled on the narrow road as there were no footpaths and cars swerved around her and kept going instead of stopping to help.

We pulled over where it was safe and my 14 year old son jumped out of the car and ran to the lady on the other side of the road asking her if we could give her a lift. I could see the relief on her face as my son picked up her suitcase and gestured towards the car.

When she got in, her grateful smile made me even happier we had stopped. When I asked her where she needed to go, she explained that she had traveled from Perth (Australia) by plane and then had to catch several buses and trains to get out to our part of Melbourne. She said she was visiting her aunty that lived in a white weatherboard house somewhere up the road, near the college.

I knew the house she meant. It was right next to my boys school, so I passed it often and we were barely in the car for a minute before we arrived. Just a minute’s drive for us, but maybe twenty for her struggling with a heavy suitcase in the rain watching for oncoming cars.

She thanked us profusely as she jumped out the car and my son got out her luggage.

Back in the car, my son settled into his seat and announced how good that had felt and how it hadn’t even taken us out of our way. Doesn’t take much, I said. He agreed with a smile and the tone was set for the day! – Lis

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