Finding an old friend is the best feeling

I had to change schools often all through my life as my parents had to move from town to town because of their jobs.

I didn’t have contact with any of my old school friends for years. Then, I got back in touch with them back in 2011 through Facebook, thanks to my cousin. Since then, I’ve lost one of my most dear friends in an accident in 2012.

I had to do something in her memory. So, me and my old buddies founded this organisation. Our goal is to re-unite people with their long lost friends and it’s a huge success!

One of the best feelings in the world is finding your old friend again, whom you haven’t had any contact with for ages. Now, my friends and I spread this feeling from heart to heart, and that’s how we pay tribute to the memory of our lost friend.

The best part is when all those people come thanking us for finding their lost friends! – Maesha 🙂

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