Grateful for the kindness

I was taking a train and bus home from work and I had finished slightly later than normal and unfortunately, missed my usual bus. I caught the next one into my suburb but hadn’t realised that it didn’t go down the main road as the other one did.

As the bus turned off the main road, I popped up to the driver and asked him if the route turns back this way. He said no, he goes a different way and not back where I needed to be. He asked me where I was going. I told him and he said ‘I don’t go that way, but sit back down and I’ll take you as close as I can.’ I sat down and watched as the bus slowly emptied. It got dark outside and I was somewhere in the back of my suburb. Soon I was the last one on the bus.

The driver explained that he couldn’t go too far off his route as he had to pick up passengers, but he drove me back up the main road and dropped me at a roundabout so that he could continue on his journey. It was just a 5-minute walk to my door.

I don’t know who the driver was, but I am very grateful for the kindness he showed me in getting me home. – Rachel  😛 

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