I live in rural QLD Australia. We have been in terrible drought for several years. My farm has suffered, my business has suffered.

I was running a successful goat farm of 250+ breeding females. Baby goat season was my absolute favourite time on the farm. I now have around 30 females and 1 male, and still am in love with kidding season. We will stay small until we get enough rain and growth to start building up again.

tammis-damA few weeks ago I entered a competition to win $5000 dollars. You had to submit a photo of your gold moment. My photo was of liquid gold, one of our small dams finally full of water, a true gold strike for us. Shipping water and feed in to keep everyone fed has been taxing. The competition finishes in about 6 hours so I cannot even say I won although I am In front by a large margin.

I have had friends vote and share beyond anything I could ever have imagined. I am currently just over 3700 votes. Every vote has been an amazing gift of kindness to me. Every message I have received has warmed my heart and lifted my spirits.

goatsIf we win this, it will feed my animals, keep all their vaccines and worming up to date and make sure we have enough for at least 6-9 months, but most importantly in will keep us ok over summer and if we run out of water, we can get it in. This is the most amazing gift of kindness that I have ever experienced. 

No one really knows the stories behind all the entries but I wanted to share mine. No matter what the result tonight, for the last few weeks there has been hundreds of total strangers taking the time to vote on my photo, and to me, that is precious. It truly is the ripple effect of friends sharing then their friends sharing and so on. And not only my picture but a piece of my story.  – Tam xox

Update… I would like to let you know that I won the competition!!!!! Now we will have feed, water and supplies here on the farm to keep all happy, especially our first babies born for this season… twin girls. 

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