Smile because you are…

When down town a few days ago, I popped into a little patisserie that hasn’t long been open. They have lots of tempting delights both sweet and savoury and, as it turns out, very nice coffee!

I had still been feeling low and overwhelmed and decided to put together a little envelope containing one of your “Smile because you are …” cards with a $5 note tucked inside and with a big smiley sticker on the front. I attached a little note saying, “Perhaps you know somebody who may be feeling low, somebody dealing with grief or illness. If so, please pass this on and shout them a treat from me. Thank you”.

After I’d finished up every little morsel of my delicious sweet treat and heart-warming coffee, I left the envelope with my dishes. I don’t personally know the owners or any of the workers and just left the shop with a cheery thank you, appreciating being able to leave the gift anonymously (although despite my haste I had been observed) and trusting that they have passed it on to someone who appreciates it as much as I would, and hoping that your little smiley card lifted their spirits as it did mine. Leaving monetary gifts may not be habit I can keep up, but I’ve been thinking of other little things to put together that I can leave on our downtown noticeboards. – Leeanne

Smile Magnets available on our Etsy store.

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