Some stories to warm your heart

I had a heart issue and no health insurance, a man in Tampa paid my bill for me. – Scott 👍

Awesome feeling today when I went to Asda (Walmart supermarket) and met a lady in a wheelchair scooter with her son.

I took out half an hour to say hello and listen to their stories of the new baby in the family and how excited they all were to be sharing Christmas together.

Usually, I would have just kept my head down and kept on my way but since finding the Ripple project I stopped and took the time to smile at others, which created a group of us in the shopping aisle. We all became friends and I bought a bunch of flowers outside the shop and gave it to the next random stranger to leave the store.

It was a very grateful older man who was soooo smiley after I gave him his gift and he said thank you, but I said no need to thank me, I thank you for allowing me to give you such a modest gift. – Yvonne 😍

This week I felt a pang of remorse as I passed by an elderly, but stately, elderly woman begging for food. While at Hot and Crusty, a pastry shop, I picked up an extra loaf of bread and listened as she told me her story. She lost her apartment when her health care aide stole her rent unbeknown to her until it was too late. She said she hoped to leave the YMCA where she was staying, but that the health bread and dollar meant the world to her. The human heart…it means the world to me. – Noelle ❤

My nephew was deployed in Afghanistan on a base where stray dogs were taken in by the soldiers. One night around 2 am, the bad guys snuck on base and the stray dogs alerted there was danger. They saved many lives that night and they were not even trained dogs. Several soldiers did not make it but if it wasn’t for the dogs, many more would have perished.

My nephew was lucky that he switched hours with another and was not in the barracks that night. The strays get attached too and there are several programs to bring them to the US when the soldiers leave. – Kim 😍

I’m a burned out teacher, but a child told me he had missed me recently when I’d been away. It made me realize that I matter to the children I work with. – Anon ❤

I took a beautiful homeless woman into the store with me and bought her food and drink. – Sherry ☺

Yesterday a woman who was a complete stranger held me and let me weep with grief over the death of a friend. Our encounter occurred at a 12 step meeting. She simply held me during a break after I had shared about my friend’s passing. So few words passed, but it was the gentlest act of kindness and exactly what I needed. – Mel ❤

Today I bought a few boxes of cookies and drove around surprising my vet’s office and two friends and I’ll be taking another box to work tomorrow. – Anon ❤

I’ve helped out at a kitty foster parents house. I’m in process of writing thank you cards for those who hosted our vacation. Took a veteran / friend out to dinner on Veteran’s day. Took two friends out for dinner tonight. – Dawn Marie ❤

We’d love to hear how someone’s warmed your heart. Please share a story below.

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