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Intentional Acts Of Kindness Have Better Results Than Random Gestures
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Intentional Acts of Kindness Have Better Results Than Random Gestures

Nurturing empathy is a big part of teaching about kindness. To do that, it’s more effective for students to take part in intentional acts of kindness rather than random good deeds. Being purposeful about kindness teaches students to think about and consider others more deeply.   When children are learning to embrace kindness as a way…

The Best Friendship Activities For A Positive Classroom Environment
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The Best Friendship Activities for a Positive Classroom Environment

Returning to school after the winter break or starting a new school year? Creating a positive classroom environment is always top of mind no matter what time of year it is. It can be tricky to nurture relationships, but fun friendship activities and ice breakers can take the stress out of it. These aim to teach…

12 World Kindness Day Activities To Build Character Traits & Wellbeing
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12 World Kindness Day Activities to Build Character Traits & Wellbeing

Random Acts of Kindness Day and World Kindness Day activities can help save your sanity and unite your classroom. The world feels uncertain and turbulent right now. It seems people are on edge and feeling lost. It’s times like these where we look for the good to provide hope and that’s where kindness can make such…

Use This Easy Loving Kindness Meditation For Happy Students
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Use This Easy Loving Kindness Meditation for Happy Students

Have you tried guided meditation for students in your classroom? If not, your kids are missing out! Imagine taking some time away from the chaos and noise of the school day when students are struggling to focus. A guided meditation leads them on a magical journey to relax and de-stress. These calming moments are amazing for…

16 Free Kindness Day Resources To Teach Kids To Give
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16 Free Kindness Day Resources to Teach Kids to Give

If you’re wondering how to teach kindness in your classroom, you have a wonderful opportunity to start teaching students to be kind during Kindness Day. Read on to find out how easy it can be. While researching kindness many years ago, I came across the work of Maurice J. Elias, a Professor of Psychology. His view…

Easy Ways To Empower A Positive Classroom Community With Kindness
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Easy Ways to Empower a Positive Classroom Community with Kindness

To really make a difference to the classroom culture, your priority should be to establish an expectation of kindness and respect among students. Whether it’s the start of a new year or after a term break, a clear set of rules is crucial. These guidelines teach students how their words and actions impact and build…

International Friendship Day Activities &Amp; Freebie Your Students Will Love
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International Friendship Day Activities & Freebie Your Students Will Love

International Friendship Day falls on July 30. It’s a chance to highlight the importance of supportive friendships through teamwork, cooperation, and empathy. It’s a must for teachers to mark on their calendar especially if they need to work on behavior management. Friendship Day is a great way to highlight the positive feelings that are enjoyed by…

56 Fun Brain Breaks For Kids: Better Learning And Behavior
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56 Fun Brain Breaks for Kids: Better Learning and Behavior

Fun brain breaks for kids are one of the best ways to engage your students and ensure they’re doing their best learning. Honestly, they’re a must in just about any classroom.Students spend almost a third of their day in class. During this time, they’re expected to sit still and pay attention for long periods while…

The I Need Box Is A Behavior Management Hack To Improve Emotional Wellbeing
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The I Need Box is a Behavior Management Hack to Improve Emotional Wellbeing

Has COVID taken a toll on your student’s wellbeing? Show them that you understand and support them by giving them an easy way to share their worries, concerns, and needs.Julia Brown is a middle school teacher in Texas who had a simple but clever idea to help her students communicate their needs or wants in…

10 Reasons Teaching Kindness At School Is Essential To Reduce Bullying
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10 Reasons Teaching Kindness at School Is Essential to Reduce Bullying

Teaching Kindness can Change the Culture of Your School!Phrases like “random acts of kindness” and “pay it forward” have become popular terms in modern society. There are even special days dedicated to being kind and organizations who specialize in altruism. But why has kindness become so popular? Perhaps it’s best explained by those who have identified…

Social-Emotional Learning: Classroom Circles Build Community To Help Stop Bullying
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Social-Emotional Learning: Classroom Circles Build Community to Help Stop Bullying

Classroom circles nurture an inclusive and supportive school community!The power of classroom circles or morning meetings to foster emotional intelligence, improve wellbeing and create a culture of kindness is well documented. Circle time is an important tool for nurturing relationships and feelings of community and can have a profound impact on bullying.Schools with a focus…