Kindness And Empathy Is Better For Bullying Than Zero Tolerance
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Kindness and Empathy Is Better for Bullying Than Zero Tolerance

Bullying isn’t a word I like to use because of the negative feelings it invokes. To me tackling bullying by talking about it is unhelpful. Instead, I like to focus on the opposite – kindness and empathy! Bullying, as we all know, remains a pervasive problem affecting students at all year levels across the globe. It…

Intentional Acts Of Kindness Have Better Results Than Random Gestures
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Intentional Acts of Kindness Have Better Results Than Random Gestures

Nurturing empathy is a big part of teaching about kindness. To do that, it’s more effective for students to take part in intentional acts of kindness rather than random good deeds. Being purposeful about kindness teaches students to think about and consider others more deeply.   When children are learning to embrace kindness as a way…

Fantastic Kindness Club Ideas With A Free Good Deeds Checklist
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Fantastic Kindness Club Ideas with a Free Good Deeds Checklist

Want to change the culture at your school? Then I have a treat for you with these 37 kindness club ideas with an editable checklist to download! The benefits of teaching kindness at school are proven and so is being part of a group for a stronger sense of belonging. Coming together with others in a social…

16 Free Kindness Day Resources To Teach Kids To Give
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16 Free Kindness Day Resources to Teach Kids to Give

If you’re wondering how to teach kindness in your classroom, you have a wonderful opportunity to start teaching students to be kind during Kindness Day. Read on to find out how easy it can be. While researching kindness many years ago, I came across the work of Maurice J. Elias, a Professor of Psychology. His view…

Easy Ways To Empower A Positive Classroom Community With Kindness
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Easy Ways to Empower a Positive Classroom Community with Kindness

To really make a difference to the classroom culture, your priority should be to establish an expectation of kindness and respect among students. Whether it’s the start of a new year or after a term break, a clear set of rules is crucial. These guidelines teach students how their words and actions impact and build…

School Fair Kindness

School fair kindness

Years ago, when my boys had a Fair at school, I went to share the fun of the day with them. When I got there, my youngest son was distraught. He was convinced that someone had taken the money he’d worked so hard to save for the day. Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn Reddit Facebook Messenger…

Not a big thing

This was by no means a big thing, but I can’t explain how much it made my day. It was about a year ago. I had a final for my hardest class (also the teacher was a huge douche, so that didn’t help). The final was a group presentation. It was unbelievably frustrating and took…

A kind shop manager

My hubby and I were shopping yesterday, and I was getting disheartened at how all the stores are selling the same muted coloured, flowing styles – none of which suit what I wanted. A kind shop manager asked me if I was looking for something specific and I said yes, gave her a bit of…