The Ripple Effect of Kindness

Quote: You Cannot Get Through A Single Day Without Having An Impact On The World Around You. What You Do Makes A Difference, And You Have To Decide What Kind Of Difference You Want To Make. - Jane Goodall

My family and I went out for a game of squash today. On the way home, we saw the cutest little girls manning a lemonade stand outside their house. A big sign said “FREE LEMONADE”.

My husband instinctively knew he had to stop the car and off I went with lollies and kindness cards. I told the girls how beautiful their stand was and what a wonderful job they were doing showing people how easy it is to be kind.

I explained how a ripple effect works and that their kindness could touch countless people as they paid the girl’s kindness forward. I gave them some kindness cards to hand out with their free lemonade to help their ripple gain momentum. I also told them how incredibly proud I was of them for thinking of others and what gorgeous people they are.

Their smiles were priceless and I could see how proud their parents were. They were sitting back letting the girls do their thing but close enough to help out if needed. They seemed to grow a little taller in their chairs as I spoke to the girls. A wonderful feeling all around! – Anon

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