Corwin Johnson was a much loved 16-year-old junior at Mesabi East. He had a dream to collect 9,000 pillows for the needy but the day after announcing his plans, Corwin unexpectedly passed away. read more →

My 9-year-old found out about a little girl who needs to go to America to have a life-changing operation. My little girl asked the head teacher at school if she could have a stand at the school fair to sell loom bands. The head flat out refused so I went to the school and basically told the head I was disappointed that my 9-year-old can show more compassion and empathy towards a stranger then the school can! (The poor little girl’s brother attends the school). read more →

When I was at school, there was a program in 9th, 10th and 11th grade in which the students had to do some social service. When I was going to do my service for the first time, I was very excited but also scared for all the new experiences I would pass through. read more →

You often talk about the positive influences of teachers on Ripple Kindness and I couldn’t agree more, and I want to share how a teacher has helped me.

I’m a student and I was struggling recently with an issue that I didn’t feel comfortable sharing with my family. I have a teacher who is a very compassionate woman but also quite firm in the sense that she doesn’t overlook bad or cruel behaviour. She noticed that I was upset and because she is such an empathetic and thoughtful person, I felt comfortable enough to confide in her. read more →

You’ve heard the old saying “it takes a village to raise a child”. When it comes to their education, the same principle should be applied in the form of a positive and proactive partnership between teachers, student and parents.

I’m a huge advocate for clear, open communication between all parties to avoid misunderstandings and unnecessary stress. Good relationships between teachers and parents should be a priority to ensure the best outcome for children.

There are a number of simple things that parents and teachers can do to support one another.

Teachers supporting parents:

Keep parents up to date

Parents who confide in a teacher and don’t receive further feedback on an issue affecting their child can become frustrated and angry. If they’ve made an effort to contact the school, it means they’re genuinely concerned. They need to feel confident their child is being cared for by teachers staying contact and updating them on what’s being done.

Send home a note

Make a special effort to call or send home a note to parents of children who need extra support or are struggling to fit in. A teacher who shares a few kind words about their child’s successes or positive progress will win a parent’s heart in an instant. read more →

The Scottish orthopedic surgeon, James Gollogly who runs the Children's Surgical Center of Cambodia.
I am going to bare a bit of my soul here when I share an experience that I believe has truly shaped who I am as a person and an educator. Although I believe I was always passionate about teaching, an experience nearly three years ago totally changed my outlook on what it means to be a teacher. On May 6th, 2011, I was almost killed in an accident while working in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Long story short, I was at an international football tournament and a bus backed into a group of players from another international school (fortunately none of the students were injured). Sensing imminent danger, I ran to the front of the bus and smacked the door to get the bus driver’s attention. read more →

My wife made me some cookies (very good ones btw).

A student came to my office and asked if he could have one. He came back the next day for another one. The following day he dropped off this chocolate cake and this card. ‘Thanks for the cookies. Here’s something back. Make someone else’s day better’.

At the end of our daily announcements we always say ‘Make someone else’s day better! Stay classy George Waters’. – Andrew, Principal George Waters Middle School  😛  

George Waters Middle SchoolI found this anonymous note on a student’s locker recently.
I still don’t know who wrote it.

It says ‘Hi! I hope you’re having a good day! And if you’re not, I’m sorry. Either way, here’s a kitten – From someone who thinks you are awesome!’

– Andrew, Principal at George Waters Middle School  😛

Dr Wayne Dyer tells the incredibly touching and inspirational (fictional) story of Teddy who taught his teacher how to teach with awareness and passion.

I remember a student of mine mentioned he was playing a gig at a church function, but needed a decent bass to play. I said hey, let’s stop at my place and you can use my Bass and amp. His dad said to me after, “Thank-you, but how could you trust a 17 year old kid with $10,000 worth of equipment?” my response, “Well if I don’t trust him, how will he ever become trustworthy.” The show was great too and I still have that bass. – Chris

My daughter had her bag stolen once about 2 years ago. It was found in a garbage bin outside the restaurant. The only thing missing was her wallet. Two nights later there was a knock on the front door. A middle aged man was standing there and he asked if my daughter lived at the address. I said that she did but that she was out. read more →