Meals on Wheels

Enjoy The Company Of Elderly People.
Meals on Wheels is an organization run here in Australia by administrators and volunteers. Volunteers cook the food and deliver it and I am one of the volunteers who deliver the food, either by using my car or taking the meal inside to the people.

It is like stepping back in time, when you go inside their homes. It is as if the world wide web and society is passing right on by, outside their door. One particular incident has stuck with me ever since I started.

I was delivering a meal to a house I had never been to before. This particular lady I had to deliver the meal to was 4ft nothing, tiny and frail. They always know when new people are on and I had never met this women before, but she was so happy to meet me. She held out her boney hand for me to shake it and I will never forget it. She had the softest, warmest hands, I had ever felt. She was so grateful to me for delivering her meal, but I was just as grateful to meet this dear, lovely old lady.

Does my heart good to know I have done something good in this world. – Suzanne 🙂

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