Some Kind Deeds to Warm Your Heart ❤

My youngest likes to buy things and give her money to other kids. She recently went to the store and bought her sister a toy she thought she would like, just because. – Melissa 👏

Right before Christmas time I went to the movies with a friend and lost my wallet. I had $400 in cash to get new tires for my car along with my debit card and credit cards. When the theater opened the next day I drove there to get my wallet and everything was still there. It would have been easy for the person that found it to take the money but luckily I got it all back. I was so thankful. – Ashley 😀

I stopped at my local “quick stop” to get coffee and there was a homeless woman outside of the store. I asked her if she was hungry, which she was. I went inside and filled a bag with groceries to give to the woman. I sincerely believe every act of goodness can make a difference! – Dona  😛

My garden has Jonquills popping up everywhere. so I put a few bunches together and handed them out to random people. The ladies at the school crossing, a mother putting her children in the car, a shop owner packing up after a long day. Nice surprises. – Roxy 😀 

My friend’s 11-year-old decided to make pillowcases to help support a project that purchases bicycles for doctors in a third world country so they can get to their patients. She donated all of the proceeds to the fund and made dozens of customized pillow cases! – Bethany 💗

Thank you to W. Brett Wilson for speaking words of encouragement to my 17-year-old son yesterday at a pancake breakfast we were all part of. Sweet man we are very blessed to know. – Laura 👏

My 9 year old son ordered garlic breadsticks at the Target Café today. Three come in an order. Unfortunately, he accidentally dropped one. Since I got one breadstick, he would only have had one left so he decided to go back and let them know what happened. I told him that I don’t think they would give him another one but he could try if he wanted to. Many thanks to the cashier who replaced the breadstick free of charge! – Jes 😇

I was the first to arrive to a small parking lot, to a used bookstore I love. When it was time to leave, I felt a little overwhelmed by how the cars were packed in everywhere and not much room to back out after a few trys, a nice elderly man walked over and guided me out. He could have just looked the other way, but he didn’t. – Cathy  😉

I would like to thank Chantelle Bambrick for her open & full heart on highway 40 heading south while on caribou patrol. She saw an elder women of First Nation headed north to Grand Cache in the freezing rain walking on foot miles to attend a funeral for an elder of their community! She stopped and asked if she would like a ride! She only spoke Cree but was grateful for the ride into town. Also there was a man walking on route which she did not hesitate to pick up as well! She brought them to the place where they were to meet the others for the celebration of life of a First Nation friend! I celebrate you with love Chantelle. – Margie 💞

On a silly note, my 4-year-old son and I were in the stall of a public bathroom and he was taking for–ev–er, so I got toilet paper ready to go in order to speed up the process. I will never forget his response to me handing him the paper. Aww, Mom, thank you! You did a random act of kindness for me! – Jamie 😜

Not sure if this is still open but one easy thing we do is keep snacks in the car. I hand out granola bars and water (if I can get to it. I’ve been known to get out of my car waiting at a light lol) to homeless whenever I see them. My kids now are on the look out so they shout to me so I don’t miss anyone. – Melissa ☺

Have you been the recipient of an act of kindness? We’d love you to tell us what happen, how it made you feel and how it changed your outlook. Please post here

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