Fantastic Kindness Club Ideas With A Free Good Deeds Checklist
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Fantastic Kindness Club Ideas with a Free Good Deeds Checklist

Want to change the culture at your school? Then I have a treat for you with these 37 kindness club ideas with an editable checklist to download! The benefits of teaching kindness at school are proven and so is being part of a group for a stronger sense of belonging. Coming together with others in a social…

3 Easy Ways Morning Meetings Can Improve Wellbeing &Amp; Behavior
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3 Easy Ways Morning Meetings Can Improve Wellbeing & Behavior

Daily morning meetings are fabulous for helping kids who are feeling anxious or isolated due to lengthy lockdowns and changes to their routine. As we settle into a new way of life with COVID-19, some students have gone back to school but for those who are still distance learning, virtual morning meetings or classroom circles…

Punch It Bulletin Board – Classroom Management And Incentive Activity
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Punch It Bulletin Board – Classroom Management and Incentive Activity

Do you need a behavior management system that encourages kindness, caring, friendship and best effort?If you need a new way to inspire students to step outside their comfort zone to try new things, need them to step up in the effort department or have kids with disruptive behavior, then this bulletin board might be just…

How To Develop Positive Character Traits At School And Home
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How to Develop Positive Character Traits at School and Home

How are character traits developed?It’s a given that parents want their kids to grow up with good set of values and positive character traits. Kindness, compassion, perseverance, honesty, and respect are just some of the traits we want to instill in our kids. Charles Starkey, Associate Professor of Philosophy studies emotion theory and moral psychology. He says that…

Teacher Creates Project So Students Can Touch Hearts
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Teacher Creates Project so Students Can Touch Hearts

This teacher started a project to show his students that everyone can have a positive impact on someone else’s life. He wanted them to see first-hand how their kindness could bring some hope to someone going through something tough.  As someone with a loved one who’s been through chemo for breast cancer, I know how…

Teach Kindness And Empathy To Reduce Bullying At School And Online
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Teach Kindness and Empathy to Reduce Bullying at School and Online

Why do we need to teach kindness and empathy?Experts advocate that we must teach kindness and empathy in schools to reduce bullying. Why? Because kindness is the antithesis of bullying and empathy is the foundation of kindness.   Being kind means that you consider the needs, feelings, and concerns of others to ensure you act appropriately….

Tips To Help You Nurture A Culture Of Kindness At Your School
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Tips to Help You Nurture a Culture of Kindness at Your School

Build a culture of kindness to improve wellbeing and reduce bullying!We’re so fortunate to have several kindness days and weeks throughout the year that help highlight the importance of teaching kindness in schools. While these days are amazing for prompting educators, positive character traits should be encouraged each and every day to nurture a culture…

Tips For Starting A Kindness Club To Improve Wellbeing And Inclusion At School
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Tips for Starting a Kindness Club to Improve Wellbeing and Inclusion at School

Be inspired to start a kindness club to create an inclusive school community!It’s heart-warming to see so many teachers embracing kindness and having such a big focus on character education in their classroom.It’s obvious to me that kindness should be taught in schools because it’s the foundation on which all other values are based. Kindness…

The Watermelon Shield – Book Review & Author’s Reflections
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The Watermelon Shield – Book Review & Author’s Reflections

Book Title:  The Watermelon ShieldAuthors:  Rose McCallum (she/her) and Finn McCallum (they/them)Illustrator:  mikemotz.comFor ages:  6-10 years (a good read for all ages)Topics:  bullying, kindness, compassion, empathy, character development, juvenile self-helpRelated learning areas:  social and emotional learning (SEL), well-being/self-confidence, communication/healthy boundaries Continue Reading Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn Reddit Facebook Messenger Email Share

Kindness Advent Calendar To Build Character Traits This Christmas
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Kindness Advent Calendar to Build Character Traits this Christmas

Get your free advent calendar below!Ho, ho, ho!! Many of us go into denial when Christmas rolls around again. What? Um, it’s time to get out the advent calendar but didn’t we just celebrate Christmas? I’m pretty sure science hasn’t proven it, but I’m convinced that time goes faster the older we get!  Though parents and…

10 Reasons Teaching Kindness At School Is Essential To Reduce Bullying
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10 Reasons Teaching Kindness at School Is Essential to Reduce Bullying

Teaching Kindness can Change the Culture of Your School!Phrases like “random acts of kindness” and “pay it forward” have become popular terms in modern society. There are even special days dedicated to being kind and organizations who specialize in altruism. But why has kindness become so popular? Perhaps it’s best explained by those who have identified…