A Principal Inspires Teachers to Spread Kindness at School

Jfk Elementary Staff Kindness Challenge
Jfk Elementary

Our elementary school serves approximately 800 students PreK-3rd grades.

The week of February 11th, 2018 happened to be “Random Acts of Kindness Week” so I challenged the staff to a Kindness Challenge — I challenged them to complete these simple, kind acts that would make our students’ and colleagues’ days just a bit brighter!


  • Complete a challenge – mark it off on the challenge sheet
  • Each challenge completed earned a TICKET in the raffle
  • Earn an EXTRA TICKET for each challenge that is completed and shared on social media with the challenge hashtag
  • The WINNER of the raffle… earned a HALF DAY OFF!

This also rewarded me with an amazing opportunity to sub in the classroom for the winning teacher. - Melissa Kartsimas, JF Kennedy Elementary


  1. Jenny Horman says:

    This document is amazing. Is there anyway you can share it so I can use it with my staff next month?

    1. RippleKindness says:

      We’re in the process of creating some editable coupons for teachers. They will be available shortly Jenny.

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