There's nothing more heartwarming that good hearted kids who set examples of being kind. Our hope is that these examples of kindness from kids in different parts of the world can inspire your own children to step outside their comfort zone to make a difference. 


Boy cleaning up the streets of Malmesbury, Wiltshire

14-year-old Ben cleans up the streets of Malmesbury, Wiltshire and helps the elderly generation with lawn cutting and technology support.

Image supplied by Judy Taylor

Image supplied by Love for the Elderly

Ben and Kendall started taking candy that older people remember from their childhood to retirement homes, rehabilitation centers, and nursing homes when they were just 14. They visit with the residents and listen to their stories about eating these candies. They say a lot of older adults have problems remembering things that happened today or even this week but they often have no problem remembering things from their childhood. The candy triggers happy memories.

Submitted by Ben and Kendall.

Image supplied by Andrew Mead, George Waters Middle School.

This student from a school in Texas wanted to make her peers feel good about themselves so she wrote positive and uplifting notes and stuck them in the bathroom.

Image supplied by Barbara Gruener

Image supplied by Barbara Gruener, Westwood Bales Elementary.

Image supplied by Coffee Cups and Crayons.

A 13-year-old boy in Australia helped his mum collect, wrap and deliver Christmas gifts to disadvantaged families in their neighbourhood.

via Ripple Kindness Project

Enemy Pie Picture Book Friendship Lessons
Students from the kindness club at Landolt Elementary School standing in front of a kindness drinks cart for teachers.

Students from the Landolt Elementary Kindness Club visit the teachers with their drinks cart. It was a big hit and they plan on adding water with different mixes and lots of snacks for the teachers to choose from.

Rachel Willard, Landolt Elementary 

Little girl holding a Ripple Kindness Checklist she has completed.

First-grader Eva took our kindness challenge and checked off 26 acts of kindness from her checklist. Download your free copy below and see if you can match Eva's great achievement.

Submitted by Eva's mum via email. 

Image supplied by Bryony via Ripple Kindness Project.

Image supplied by Teach Beside Me.

two cartoon kids with a message: teachers sign up for out quarterly newsletter for free SEL and kindness resources

Stephen wanted to do something nice for his neighbours so he decided to shovel the snow from their porches and walkways.

Submitted by Sherry via Ripple Kindness Project.

Students in grades 3-5 at Bales Intermediate painted rocks to create a peace garden where students can sit to get quiet, be mindful, and heal.

Image supplied by Barbara GruenerWestwood Bales Elementary School.

Students at Malmsbury Primary School (a Ripple Kindness School) in Victoria, Australia decided they wanted to make motorists smile on the way to work so go out early with their hand-made signs.

Image supplied by Malmsbury Primary School.

Image supplied by Deanna via Ripple Kindness Project.

Image supplied by Ripple Kindness Project.

Kindness Coloring Pages - Ripple Kindness Project

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Updated: 21 October 2019

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