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11 Impressive Benefits Of Mindful Coloring Pages For Kids And Adults
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11 Impressive Benefits of Mindful Coloring Pages for Kids and Adults

Most children enjoy getting creative with pencils and crayons. But did you know there are impressive reasons beyond fun to encourage the use of mindful coloring pages for kids and adults?The significant benefits of mindful coloring pages are now being realized for all age groups as it takes its place alongside yoga and meditation as an…

Classroom Friendship Activity – Build ’Em Up Hot Seat
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Classroom Friendship Activity – Build ’em Up Hot Seat

Kids who sit in the Hot Seat feel a boost in self-esteem and a real sense of belonging!This is a powerful friendship activity to use in the classroom any time a student is in need of some extra love and care or as a focus activity during International Day of Friendship. It’s one we’ve included in…

Make A Mind Jar: A Mindfulness Tool To Reduce Anxiety & Stress
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Make a Mind Jar: A Mindfulness Tool to Reduce Anxiety & Stress

I just love a funky little mind jar! They’re so easy to make but can have a powerful impact on children who are distracted or stressed.  Also called calm down jars, they’re a wonderful visual aid for helping kids relax when they experience stress, anxiety, or are overwhelmed for any reason. Because they’re so effective,…

This Teacher Reduces Bullying By Teaching Kindness
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This Teacher Reduces Bullying by Teaching Kindness

In the book, Wonder by R.J. Palacio, she writes about Choosing Kind as the best option in life. This phrase resonated with me and sparked a new appreciation on how I discuss bullying with my 6th graders.I then came across an article on the Edutopia website titled, “Why Teaching Kindness in Schools is Essential to…