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Free social-emotional, kindness and mindfulness distance learning resources

Free Social-Emotional Learning, Kindness And Mindfulness Distance Learning Resources

SEL and mindfulness is essential for wellbeing 

As everyone comes to grips with the reality that is COVID-19, we find ourselves in situations we have never experienced before. These are trying times where people fear for their safety and that of their loved ones.

As teachers and parents grapple with distance learning, they're noticing the huge toll lockdowns and restrictions have had on their children's mental and emotional wellbeing. And while they must be mindful of how to support them, they should also acknowledge that their own mental health may be at risk. 

This is where social-emotional learning (SEL) is such a godsent. Lessons and activities that build emotional intelligence (EQ) equip students with tools to manage difficult situations and overwhelming emotions. And while adults are delivering SEL lessons, it's proven that their emotional wellbeing is also improved with many teachers reporting their stress levels are reduced and they become more effective teachers. 


Essential SEL resources for teachers and parents

There are many wonderful social-emotional learning, kindness and mindfulness lessons and activities for educators to build EQ. Many of these are free resources to help teachers change the culture in their classroom or help them cope with online learning. 

The lists below link you to coloring pages, kindness resources, coupons, craft activities, movement breaks, exercises, mindfulness ideas, songs, picture books, conversation cards, posters, printables and online resources. If you've found a great freebie, please email me so I can add it to this post and don't forget to grab your free kindness coloring pages below!  

Mental Health And Wellbeing Bundle Of Resources For Primary Elementary School Students By Ripple Kindness Project

Free kindness themed resources

Ready-Made And Editable Kindness Checklist For Random Acts Of Kindness Day By Ripple Kindness Project

Mindfulness and exercise

A Selection Of Colored And Uncolored Kindness Coloring Pages For Kids To Build Positive Character Traits By Ripple Kindness Sel Activities

Picture book read-alouds

Worksheets, Posters And Coloring Pages. Teaching Resources For The Picture Story Book &Quot;You, Me And Empathy&Quot; By Ripple Kindness Project

Other great lists

Submit your resources

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