Free social emotional learning, kindness and mindfulness resources for distance learning

As everyone tries to come to grips with the reality that is COVID-19 or Coronavirus, we find ourselves in situations we have never experienced before. These are trying times where people fear for the safety of themselves and their loved ones. My hope is that we find a silver lining by coming together to support, share and care for one another. I truly believe we can find a new sense of community and belonging throughout this pandemic.


At Ripple Kindness, have had to drastically change the model at our outreach program, Nourish Network, to accommodate "drive-thru" food parcels instead of our regular social setting. This is just one example of the many changes we've all had to make or will make in the coming weeks. 

Education is obviously a huge concern for anxious parents who have their children home from school. This is unchartered territory for them and understandably stressful in what is already a very worrying time. 

We are also adapting by developing more resources to add to our distance learning category to help you through this time but we also want to share some free resources for parents and teachers that we have found online. ​

The lists below will link you to free coloring pages, kindness resources, coupons, craft activities, movement breaks, exercises, mindfulness ideas, songs, picture books, conversation cards, posters, printables and online resources.  

Free kindness checklist for kids at home

Free kindness themed distance learning resources 

Kindness Coloring Pages - Ripple Kindness Project

Mindfulness and exercise

Picture book read-alouds

Other great lists

Submit your resources

If you have a free at home social emotional learning or kindness resource you'd like to add, please submit it here

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