Imagine having a crappy day and walking into the bathroom to find a caring note on the mirror. You'd probably be quite surprised to see it there but also experience a warm glow inside that would make you smile!

When children write their positive post it notes, ask them to think about the nice things people say to them that make them feel good about themselves or cheer them up when they're feeling down. Ask them to think about the people in their household and consider what each person could appreciate. Doing this gives them a greater understanding of how easily they can make someone's day better and how much that kind of caring support can mean. 

Take some photos of your notes to share with us and we'll add them to this post.

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There are some truly beautiful people in this world! 😀

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Teaching kids to have empathy helps them connect with others. It's a skill they'll use throughout their life that will enhance every relationship they have.

This week's challenge asks them to find out how someone is feeling and to really pay attention by listening intently and looking them in the eye. It will let someone important to them feel that they're cared for and heard. It might also surprise kids what kind of connection they can make with someone they care about and what they learn about them.

If you'd like to add an educational component, you can ask them to write a report about what they asked and found out. 

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When Karen lost her job and her the place where she volunteered was shut down because of COVID, she needed something. She was feeling down because everything in her life had stopped so suddenly and much earlier than for many other people.

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Many children spend far too little time in the kitchen but learning to cook is something every child should learn at some point. This week’s act of kindness not only challenges them to create but also gives them valuable time connecting with someone in their family.

Haven’t joined yet? Here’s how to participate

Step 1 – Invite others to participate

Being a part of this fun challenge is easy and though it’s aimed at kids, we’d love to see adults joining in as well. Apart from being a great activity to nurture positive character traits, we’re aiming to send a whole lot of good vibes out into the universe. To have as bigger impact as possible, we’d love to see your kids invite their friends to participate. They can form a group and keep each other accountable while sharing ideas. Teachers may like to use it with their class and include a writing activity by having their students document each act of kindness with words and photos.

To get them inspired and see what an impact a group can have, here’s a math problem for kids to figure out. Count how many people they personally know are taking part of this challenge or are part of their group or class. Multiply that number by 10 acts of kindness for each person. The answer to that is how many acts of kindness they will give and how many people they will affected in a positive way! Imagine a class of 25 students, that’s a huge 250 people who will be made to feel special. 

Step 2 – Download the checklist

Download and print the checklist. Color a star each week that an act of kindness is given. It doesn’t matter if a week is missed, kids can pick up where they left off anytime but should aim to complete all 10 good deeds.

Step 3 – Check our posts

One act of kindness will be posted each Monday (Melbourne time) on FacebookInstagram and here on our blog. Instructions will be given for each one. 

Step 4 – Share pictures 

Help inspire others by showcasing idea with photos! Go to our Facebook page and post yours under the appropriate post. We may even share some of them on our blog! 

It’s as simple as that!

Kindness Coloring Pages - Ripple Kindness Project

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This morning I got a call from my neighbor. She is 92 years old and is the sweetest person you may ever meet.

When we first moved in, she made us homemade Italian cookies and wanted to make sure that we knew that Malachi is always welcome to play in her yard area since we don’t really have one. She remembers both of my boy’s names despite not really seeing them that much and always asks about them when we see each other.

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Most people in a household have daily or weekly chores of which others are often quite unaware of. They just seem to happen and no-one really notices.

This act of kindness gets children to think about the tasks each person has and the impact it has on them and the family. The aim of doing a chore for each person during this week is to help kids appreciate how others contribute and the difference they make. It will also give the recipient of their kindness a little break from their usual routine and let them know they are efforts are noticed.

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I really feel compelled to post in here about the four teenage boys we had the pleasure of meeting yesterday and again today at the BMX track at Pepi’s land on our walk.

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Giving a compliment isn't always something that comes naturally. Learning the art can help kids to get outside of their own head to think about other people and their feelings. It helps them to reflect on positive attributes of people and makes recipients of their compliments feel worthy, valued and loved.

Writing compliments in a letter form gives someone a lovely keepsake and positive affirmations they can read over and over.

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It's been and continues to be a confronting time with COVID-19 and the Black Lives Matter rallies. We've seen some appalling behavior but also some of the most beautiful acts of kindness as people come together to support one another.

In light of this difficult time, it's important that students are encouraged to participate in acts of kindness to help them understand that the positive things they do make a difference. 

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My daughter was 13. We were on holiday in Santa Monica and were out shopping. There was an airline giving away snacks they serve with drinks as a gimmick. I saw she’d collected loads in her bag. As we walked back to the parking lot she handed them to the homeless people on the benches.

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I work at a grocery store. Last week I was sanitizing all the carts and a gentleman walked up to me thanked me for my hard work and said God bless you. I said thank you and God bless you too.

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